Beautiful Murree Beautiful Pakistan

Superb view of Murree Dilkash Pakistan

Murree Punjab stunning Dilkash Pakistan

Murree could be a hill station and one amongst the most important resort cities within the Galiyat space of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. it’s placed on the southern slopes of the Western range foothills as they ascend to the northeast towards Kashmir.Its actual altitude has currently been determined as two,300 m (7,500 ft) on top of water level.
Murree belongs to a sub-tropical continental highlands environmental condition sort, placed within the outer range of mountains. this kind of space has cold, snowy winters, comparatively cool summer and frequent fog. Precipitation is received year spherical, with 2 maximas, 1st one throughout winter and other at summer, July-August. Total mean precipitation annually is one,789 mm (70.4 in)

Murree-Punjab-Pakistan-2016 Superb view of Murree Dilkash Pakistan

A sunny day on the beautiful Pipeline track  Ayubia to Donga Gali Pakistan

beautiful-Pipeline-track-Ayubia-Donga-Gali Superb view of Murree Dilkash Pakistan


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