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Sandeman Tangi Ziarat Balochistan

A small place however wherever u see nature at its best, wildlife, ancient culture, history, historical monuments, mountain, sweet water spring, jungle, stream with clear water flowing on multi colored marble rocks from Maya Dam deep within the hills. it had been a part of ocean some 600 years agone. Land is soft in six mile wide stretch wherever once u travel in a very vehicle, u can feel as if u movement in a very high-speed boat in ocean.
Sandeman Tangi five kilometre from Ziarat Balochistan is equally superb Nature as is Hingol and Makran coast however we have a tendency to cannot travel none of those wonders of Nature.

Sandeman-Tangi-Ziarat-Balochistan Sandeman Tangi  Ziarat Balochistan

Sandeman Tangi Ziarat Balochistan

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