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Quetta city the Land of unique Food / cuisine

Beautiful Quetta City  what to speak regarding this place

The serene beauty and therefore the natural resources, little doubt it’s the center of the gorgeous province Balochistan. The place has its terribly own sleeping beauty…
From the delicious Rosh to the Khadda kabab and Shrumbay. There are variety of dishes that may solely be enjoyed within the Balochi spirit and setting.

Rosh Ghost done the Balochi Style in Quetta :


Rose-meat-done-the-Balochi-way-1024x576 Quetta city the Land of unique Food / cuisine

Rosh Ghost done the Balochi Style – Pakistani Food

check here detail: Rosh Ghost done the Balochi way

Khadi Kabab Traditional Pakistani food in Quetta:

Khadi-Kabab-Traditional-food-cuisine-Quetta-1024x576 Quetta city the Land of unique Food / cuisine

This is a full roast lamb within which the animal is gutted and full of rice, dry fruits and spices. it’s then wrapped in tin foil to be cooked by burial it underground over coals. I merely can’t describe it’s mouthwatering style. you have got to do it for yourselves after you visit Quetta.

see here Video how to do this yummy Dish:


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