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Pakistan & China Agree to Build Chashma 5 Nuclear Power Plant

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) have come to terms for the construction of a nuclear reactor. The agreement was signed between the two bodies which states that CNNC will build the HPR1000 reactor at Chashma nuclear power plant.

Pakistan-China-Agree-to-Build-Chashma-5-Nuclear-Power-Plant Pakistan & China Agree to Build Chashma 5 Nuclear Power Plant
CNNC China Zhongyuan Engineering Corp, subsidiary of CNNC, will be leading the construction of the nuclear reactor in Pakistan.

According to the agreement, CNNC will build a one-million-kilowatt-class nuclear power unit with HPR1000 technology at the Chashma Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan.
CNNC official told the media after signing the agreement.
The HPR1000 is the third reactor of the same series that China is going to build in Pakistan. Pakistan has already imported seven nuclear reactors so far from China. Two HPR1000 Hualong One reactors are already under construction at Karachi nuclear power plant.

The two reactors that were put in construction phase in 2015 and 2016, respectively, are expected to be completed and commercialized by 2021 and 2022, respectively.
Apart from these, 4 CNP300 reactors — Chinese built — are already fully operational at Chashma power plant. HPR1000 will be the fifth nuclear reactor at the site and is being called ‘Chashma 5’.
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China has started working on construction of four HPR1000 reactors. Unit 3 and unit 4 are being constructed at Fangchenggang nuclear power plant. The other units, 4 and 6, have been inititated at Fuqing power plant.
Unit 5 and 3 will be operational by 2019, while the remaining two will be completed by 2020

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