Beautiful Pakistan Beautiful Skardu Deserts in Pakistan

Katpana cold desert of Beautiful Pakistan

Katpana desert cold desert of Beautiful Pakistan

When you’re traveling to the North of Pakistan, the topography you come upon is simply because the approach you expect it to be, with inexperienced lush trees, mountainous and rocky piece of land, streams of water flowing aboard the mighty mountains, clear sky and also the cloudy patches presenting a picturesque read. What you are doing not expect to envision may be a desert high on the mountains.
The Katpana Desert- a surprise within the North of Pakistan The fascinating factor regarding this desert is that it’s a chilly desert with sturdy winds bashing the sand dunes. The sand that’s white, granular and extremely fine is as spectacular because the desert regions in any a part of the planet.
The soil hydrogen ion concentration, temperature and also the wetness content limits the plant growth to distinctive vegetation that is why this region is fatalistically distinct from the encompassing areas of Skardu.

cold-desert-Pakistan-sky-blue-1024x676 Katpana cold desert of Beautiful Pakistan

cold-desert-Pakistan-sky-blue-1-1024x680 Katpana cold desert of Beautiful Pakistan

Katpana desert that is legendary to be called the best cold desert within the world.

The desert may be a form of patch of land on and across mountains. Its temperature ranges from a most of twenty seven °C and a minimum (in October) eight °C, that additional drop to below -10 °C within the December-to-January, whereas rock bottom temperature that may reach -25 °C. At this high altitude and cold region, this desert holds strange a attraction.
If you ever arrange to tour any areas in Pakistan, do visit the Cold desert and plenty of different looking places in and around Skardu. As for traveling,
The largest space of Katpana Desert is found in Skardu and Shigar Valleys. it’s referred to as Biana Naqpo and Katpana Biana, in native language. Katpana Desert is found close to Skardu town whereas Shigar Desert is found on the thanks to Shigar depression. Katpana Desert is located at associate elevation of two,226 metres on top of water level. this is often one in every of the foremost lovely traveller attractions of Northern Areas in Pakistan. it’s referred to as Cold Desert of Skardu Region. Its attractive cold nights and luxurious sandy read makes it an impressive place to go to. There ar giant sand dunes in Katpana Desert, that presents a spectacular sight. it’s settled at associate elevation of quite seven, 303 feet. it’s one in every of the best deserts within the world.

cold-desert-Pakistan-sky-blue-3-1024x438 Katpana cold desert of Beautiful Pakistan

view-coldest-desert-Katpana-Desert-Skardu-Baltistan Katpana cold desert of Beautiful Pakistan

  Another Awesome view of the coldest desert Katpana Desert Skardu Baltistan

Katpana cold desert morning Beautiful View

Katpana-sand-dunes-in-morning-1024x614 Katpana cold desert of Beautiful Pakistan

Katpana cold desert morning Beautiful View

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