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Historical Shrine of Sachal Sarmast, Khairpur Pakistan

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Shrine of Sachal Sarmast, Khairpur Pakistan

Abdul Wahab, lovingly glorious by his disciples as Sachal Sarmast, (intoxicated man of god and truth) was born in 1739 during a village known as Daraza in Khairpur Sindh Dilkash Pakistan. He unfold the message of divine love through his poetry, that embodied the principles of mysticism and consistent with him was ‘divine’ inspiration.
He was keen on ‘sama’ (music) and would continually be found absorbed in meditation. He wrote his poetry in seven languages, as well as Sindhi, Seraiki and Persian, and attained titles from his devotees like Haft-i-Zuban Shair (the writer of seven languages) and Sartaj-us-Shuara. There square measure 9 compilations of his Persian poetry, notably the Diwan-i-Ashkar and Dard Nama, that encompass chiefly philosophical verses. However, it’s his Sindhi and Seraiki work that’s celebrated the foremost.
He was associate ascetic and lived to the age of ninety years. He died on Ramazan 1829 AD and his belongings were buried aboard the graves of his father, grandpa, uncle and cousins within the burial chamber presently engineered by Mir Rustam Khan Talpur, the ruler of Khairpur.

Shrine-Sachal-Sarmast-Khairpur-Pakistan-768x1024 Historical Shrine of Sachal Sarmast, Khairpur Pakistan

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