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Historical old house Lal Haveli Rawalpindi Pakistan

The Lal Haveli (Red Mansion) may be a huge residential building set close to the notable Raja Bazaar of Rawalpindi town, Pakistan. The building may be a notable landmark and a giant traveler attraction due to its size and form and brassy brick-red color.

Lal-Haveli-2017-rasheed Historical old house Lal Haveli Rawalpindi Pakistan
The ‘haveli’ isn’t terribly recent, and was most likely created throughout the Nineteen Thirties or Forties. This structure is claimed to own been the abode of a far-famed prostitute of the realm before independence of Asian nation in 1947. She had a ‘masjid’ (Muslim mosque) and a ‘mandir’ (Hindu temple) designed among the range of her residence, maybe so as to mollify the guilt of her numerous purchasers. the lady was dead for reasons unknown and therefore her possession of this building terminated.

Pindi-politics-home-lal-haveli-2017-300x225 Historical old house Lal Haveli Rawalpindi Pakistan

Owner of Lal Haveli Shaikh Rasheed

Nowit was purchased by the Pakistani politician, bookmaker & c, Shaikh Rashid Ahmad, WHO regenerate it into his house and his political center. Allegedly, it most likely still is employed for varied wicked functions, in the main as a gambling house and bordello.

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