Beautiful Hunza Pakistani Culture

Decorated Pakistani Truck At Attabad Lake, Pakistan

Decorated Pakistani Truck

Pakistan may be a country with a chic heritage; it’s vivacious and includes a ton to supply in its distinctive ways in which. one in all the various things that Pakistan is known for is that the famed tangled truck art. The Pakistani truck art has taken art into another dimension wherever imagination has reached on the far side the plain. Trucks square measure embellished with paintings of birds, peacocks and floral pattern. notable leaders or celebrities of Pakistan also are painted on the rear of the trucks. a very important key component of truck art is that the poetry that comes with it starting from Iranian, Punjabi to the national language of Pakistan – Urdu. they may be either ridiculous gag, spiritual quotes, political quotes, quotes by notable Pakistani poets or the thoughts of the vehicle house owners.

There is beautiful Decorated Pakistani Truck At with Amazing  naturally Attabad Lake, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan.

the showing the beautiful Pakistani Culture.

Decorated-Pakistani-Truck-At-Attabad-Lake-Gilgit-Baltistan-Pakistan-1024x643 Decorated Pakistani Truck At Attabad Lake, Pakistan


Interior of a typical bed ford truck in Pakistan

Interior-typical-bedford-ruck-Pakistan Decorated Pakistani Truck At Attabad Lake, Pakistan

unique Pakistan and Truck Art

Pakistani-Truck-Art-2017 Decorated Pakistani Truck At Attabad Lake, Pakistan
its unique truck art culture Visit Pakistan to watch

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