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Chaukhandi Tombs Sindh Karachi, Pakistan

Chaukhandi Tombs are located twenty nine kilometers east of Karachi, Sindh , Pakistan

Chaukhandi-Tombs-sindh-karachi Chaukhandi Tombs Sindh Karachi, Pakistan

on N-5 National main road close to Landhi city. The Chaukhandi tombs area unit extraordinary for the delicate and delightful stone carving.
The manner of structure is characteristic solely to the world of Sindh, and distinctive in this it’s found obscurity else within the Islamic world. Usually, the weather area unit attributed to Jokhio conjointly ill-famed because the family burying ground of Jokhio family; variety of natives of Baloch tribe conjointly buried were designed between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries.
This kind of graveyard, in Sindh and Balochistan, is distinctive with their direction from south to north. These graves area unit in-built buff arenaceous rock. Their carved change of state presents terrific acquirement. These graves area unit made either as lone graves or as teams of up to eight graves elevated on a typical raised space.

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