Beautiful Hunza

Beautiful View of Altit Fort, Hunza Valley, Pakistan

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Beautiful and Amezing View of Altit Fort, Hunza Valley, Pakistan

This fort was restored and reopened in 1997, and offers a powerful read of the Hunza valley.

Doors within were quite little, and also the guide explained that this was a defensive mechanism still. A person/enemy had to stoop low to enter (head first) and on the opposite finish were the troopers of hunza awaiting…chop chop.

The climb itself (if you’re from seal level and not physically fit) on a slender street may be a challenge. On various occasions we tend to had to rest and catch our breath. detected that the previous individuals of this place had little hunchbacks…probably from ascent up and down during this little hamlet.

The fort itself offers a powerful Birds eye read of the valley around; behind it’s the may Ultar peak, and before you’ll see the Hunza river, Rakhaposhi, and at a foreign behind Golden peak, Broad Peak.

Altit-Fort-Hunza-Valley-Pakistan.-1024x658 Beautiful View of Altit Fort, Hunza Valley, Pakistan

View of Altit fort hunza valley pakistan

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