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Amazing Zig Zag Stairway to Bliss in Kailash Chitral

Kailash is that the name of a gaggle of 3 tiny valleys located close to Chitral Valley.

consistent with legend, some troopers of Alexander’s army, charmed by the sweetness of the depression, determined to remain there and also the locals of the Kailash depression area unit their descendents.view ayun chitral
Arriving in Kailash at around 2 within the morning, I may see the charm even within the darkness. In fact, darkness will nothing to cover the distinctive and breath taking fantastic thing about the depression. you’ll be able to hear the roaring of Kunhar stream on one facet and also the sleepy-eyed chirps of insects on the opposite facet. it’s an area like no alternative.
Lowari tunnel.

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Amazing-Zig-Zag-Stairway-Bliss-Kailash-Chitral-Valley-1024x679 Amazing Zig Zag Stairway to Bliss in Kailash Chitral

Amazing-Zig-Zag-Stairway-Bliss-Kailash-Chitral-Valley-2017-1024x679 Amazing Zig Zag Stairway to Bliss in Kailash Chitral

Amazing-Zig-Zag-Stairway-Bliss-Kailash-Chitral-Valley-2017-1-1024x773 Amazing Zig Zag Stairway to Bliss in Kailash Chitral

Many of the visitors…mostly girls… had donned the dress of the Kailash and were saltation with the locals. the lads were standing on the boundary of the court and would often burst out singing and whistling. that they had their own distinct means of saltation and singing. when a minute once the dancers wished to require a trifle break, the elder men and ladies would gather around and sing in an exceedingly deep and melancholic voice. we tend to were told by an area that they were singing concerning the folks that were no a lot of with them. They were mourning the loss of their company and celebrating their life through these songs. it absolutely was a touching and an exquisite custom. They were unhappy that their favorite ones were gone, however happy that that they had lived a full and enriching life.

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