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Amazing Signature view of Broghil Valley

The Signature view of Broghil Valley Chitral Valley

Karomber Lake is in Boroghil depression that may be a sub-valley of Chitral. A drive of 12-14 hour takes one from IslamabadRawalpindi to Chitral town and another drive of 4-5 hours takes you to Mastuj. Mastuj is base for Boroghil treks. The road ahead is motorcar drive of 10-11 hours until Ishkarwaz. If road is blocked (normally attributable to overflow of river) then motorcar goes until a degree earlier than Lasht then few hours of trek until Ishkarwaz. From there it’s two or three days trek until Karomber Lake counting on your convenience. Main campsites ar Ghrail, Lashkargaz, Sheorsheer and Laleerabad.

Broghil on Wakhan passageway, Chitral valley, Pakistan

Signature-view-Broghil-Valley Amazing  Signature view of Broghil Valley

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