Azad Kashmir Neelum Valley

A Guide to the Neelum Valley

Neelum valley, dipped in natural beauty, is a heavenly treasure located in Azad Kashmir, running parallel to the Naran, Kaghan Valley.

The valley contains panoramic views and scenic vistas, towering hills and lush green forests. It’s a feast for the senses, with very little trace of a modern footprint. Destination Unlimited traveled through these enchanting sights and present to us little glimpses of their travels to the Neelum Valley. They capture the beauty of the Neelum Valley and immortalized it in images for the rest of us to see and hopefully experience for ourselves. We present to you here the sights they saw and the experiences they shared.

Guide-to-the-Neelum-Valley A Guide to the Neelum Valley

Point between Keran and Sharda. Sharda is a beautiful place with lush green planes,

the-Indian-Check-post-top-hill A Guide to the Neelum Valley

Indian army Check-post at the top of a hill.

beautiful-children-Neelum-valley A Guide to the Neelum Valley

beautiful children of the Neelum Valley.


Sunset-Arang-Kel A Guide to the Neelum Valley

Sunset at Arang Kel.

Another-view-Dowarian-Neelum-Valley A Guide to the Neelum Valley

Another Amazing view of Dowarian, Neelum Valley.

traditional-anda-paratha-breakfast A Guide to the Neelum Valley

Traditional anda paratha breakfast at Keran.

more from Neelum Valley :

Keran Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Pakistan

local people walk on snow lined Neelum Road close to frozen water throughout harsh winter in janawai Village Neeluam valley Azad Kashmir

People-walk-on-snow-covered-Neelum-Road-near-frozen-water-during-harsh-winter-in-janawai-Village-Neeluam-Valley-Azad-Kashmir A Guide to the Neelum Valley

Upper Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir

Upper-Neelam-Valley-Azad-Kashmir A Guide to the Neelum Valley


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